7 Best Kept Wardrobe Hacks to Help You Appear 10 Pounds Lighter

Regular exercise and a portion control can trim down body mass by 10 pounds, no lying. In any case, not all of us feel that committed, right? If you are a fashionista-trapped-inside- a-curvy- body, then don’t fret. There is bagful of wardrobe hacks which can produce the perfect illusion, as if you are on weight-lifting and clean diet spree.

1. Embrace black


This is the oldest trick of the fashion bible. Embracing black can make you look spruced up, even if you are still nursing those love handles.  Wearing head-to-toe black may create a very gothic appearance for you, but try this if you are willing to unleash the ‘inner’ slender diva fully. If black is too monochromatic for you to digest, then any other dark hue can do the same hallucinating trick.

2. Vertical stripes suit curves


Include vertical striped trousers, jackets, A-line dresses and skirts into your wardrobe. Vertical lines actually make your limbs appear elongated and slimmer. Once upon a time, horizontal stripes were taken to be a total no-no for chubby beauties. But this has been long proven a big lie. Those parallel stripes actually give you a thinning makeover.

3. Wear V/deep neck

A V or deep-neck blouse steers away the focus from your mid-riff to the upper body. The fashion scripture says- the more skin you flaunt between your chin and torso, the better your hips and waist will look like. Thus, say ‘hi’ to V-necked outfits. For more inspiration, follow well-endowed beauties like Kim K or Mindy Kaling on Instagram.

4. Explore the right wrap-around dress

Unlike the body-con frocks, a wrap-around dress shrouds your hazardous body areas tactfully – thus giving you a more toned-up physical make-over. Michelle Obama should be your style icon in that sense. The ‘First Lady’ of USA has aced the art of wearing wrap-around dresses and showing how to slay it for long time around.

5. Show some love to color-blocks


Block- printed dresses or color blocked gowns are must-haves, on the off chance you need to emerge 10 pounds leaner in the future social dos. Color block pattern deceives the eyes of the beholder and covers up your ‘challenging’ lower or upper body region.

6. A pair of pointed heels is your best friend

Zero on 2 and ½ inches of heels instead of the platform ones. The former will turn your legs into leaner stems, in case you are wearing a short hem that falls just above your knees. Throw the chunky ankle strap shoes out of your shoe cupboard, if you don’t want to end up looking on the heavier side anyway.

7. Invest on lingerie/corset


Lastly, the dress with the most ideal fit may miss the mark in converting you into a slender swan, if your inner wear is of wrong size. Do invest upon quality inner wear and shape wear such as- tummy control butt lifters, waist training corsets and over bust waist trainers. These will perk up the sagging breasts and tummy to the T.

The enigma behind looking ‘thinner’ lies with dressing up in a wise way, that’s the secret my dear.

How to get flawless skin without pores?

How to get flawless skin without pores?

A flawless skin is admired and desired by all. Everyone wants to ace each and every look and flawless and tight skin compliments every time. No matter how much you spend on your clothes to be a highlight of some function, you can’t always buy a mask of superior skin unless you don’t put in some efforts at home on it.


Using a methodological approach you can get yourself a pore free and even skin.

1. Judge your skin type

Not all the methods are same for everyone, since skin type varies from person to person. Your skin can be oily, dry, normal, and sensitive. To quickly check that which type do you entail just give a quick wash to your face and leave it abandoned for an hour at least. Now dab a tissue over the T-zone (the area in between your nose and cheek).


The visible results on the tissue categories the skin type: If it had been a normal skin, tissue will be sans oil or flakes. Tissue will stay as it is. This phenomenon tells you to feel good about your skin as you have the best type of it. In case it had been Oily skin, the tissue will surely show oil particles over it. Oily skinned people usually suffer from pores. And for the Dry skin tissue gets covered with flakes showing the presence of dead cells. You get to see small pores and moisturizers need to be the best friends of this skin type. Whereas most of people’s skin is a Combination of all types t-zone is oily whereas other area is normal.

And for the Dry skin tissue gets covered with flakes showing the presence of dead cells. You get to see small pores and moisturizers need to be the best friends of this skin type. Whereas most of people’s skin is a Combination of all types t-zone is oily whereas other area is normal.

2. Follow cleansing, toning, moisturizing dutifully.

You need to spend some money and buy yourself a kit of cleanser, toner, moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you are old enough or a mother of two you need to club these with a face scrub too. You may be lucky to get the best of the brand on your first purchase or sometimes you need to spill a hefty amount over numerous brands before you find the one that suits you.


A lot of cosmetic shops provide samples and expert advice for the same, you need to extract as much as knowledge from them to make a safe purchase. Always go the kit that’s non-comedogenic that prevents clogging in the long run.

3. Get a SPF 15+ sunscreen

You can’t step out of the walls without a shield over your skin in this scorching heat. Use a sunscreen that is fragrance-less and is not based out of oil.

Young woman on beach, applying sunlotion on face, smiling, portrait

Sunscreen plays a vital role in blocking harmful UV-A and UV-B rays that damages the skin and causes cancers. Moisturizers based sunscreen helps at keeping the face hydrated.

4. Make Use of your face wash

To garner best of the results try using your face wash on alternative days. Using it once a week is not very effective in controlling pores. Refrain from using a towel based cloth.


An abrasive cloth can cause irritation thus make use of your fingers instead.

You can apply face wash even twice a day if your skin is oily and acne prone, you need a moisturizer to keep your skin well hydrated, after every wash to restore the oil of the face that gets sucked by a face wash.

Appropriate hydration is extensively important for a healthy and clear skin.

5. Get rid off makeup completely

It’s a healthy habit to gently remove every bit of the makeup you applied the entire day at night. Put off everything be it the foundation base, kajal, mascara or lipstick, let your skin relax at night and rejuvenate too. If you’re prone to acne then make sure that the you use an body wash that’s suitable for acne prone skin.

Sometimes simple water wash is not enough to remove it, thus you need to keep a makeup remover handy or wet wipes that can be used even if you forgot to remove it and climbed over your bed with make-up on.



Hair and Scalp Scrubs

There are a number of face and body scrubs available in the market these days. Also, a number of DIY recipes are available on the internet for the same. Our hair too requires the same attention but we fail to provide them the same care. We clean our scalp and hair regularly but they do not get the same pampering as the entire body. Our scalp too loses dead skin cells and requires exfoliation. There are barely any scalp scrubs available in the market.



This article is here to your rescue!

A few DIY scalp scrub recipes are listed ahead-


1. Salt, Lemon and Oil


This is a pre-shampoo deep nourishment scrub. Squeeze a lemon into 2 tablespoons sea salt and olive oil. Massage this scrub on wet hair for several minutes. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Follow with shampooing your hair.


2. Baking Soda and Tea Tree Oil


This is a cleansing scrub and can be used as a shampoo. It serves dual purpose of scalp cleansing and exfoliation. Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is great for treating dandruff and fungal infections.
Combine a tablespoonful of baking soda and 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil with your shampoo while shampooing each week. This would help in deep cleansing and moisturising your hair and scalp.


3. Sugar and Oatmeal


This is a conditioning scrub and must be used as a conditioner post shampooing. Take equal amounts of brown sugar, ground oatmeal and hair conditioner in a bowl and gently mix to form a paste. Wash your hair properly with a shampoo and use this scrub to massage your scalp in circular motions. Let it stay for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with cool water.
This scrub will nourish your hair roots and help in hair growth.


4. Sugar and Oil


This is a basic brown sugar and coconut oil scrub. Its simplicity must not become a factor for its underestimation as it yields wonderful results. Combine brown sugar and coconut oil in equal volumes and mix well. Wet your hair and massage this scrub on your scalp in circular motions. Rinse and shampoo after letting it stay for a while.
Coconut oil is great for hair growth and brown sugar has great exfoliating properties. This is a combination you can trust with closed eyes.


But there are certain points you need to keep in mind while using scrubs for your scalp-

  • Wash off the styling products if any and do not dry your hair.
  •  Do not over scrub your scalp as it will do more damage than benefit. Use a scalp scrub only once a week.
  •  Do not scrub your scalp if you have any wound or allergy in your scalp area.


Indulge into deep pampering for your locks and be prepared for all the compliments you’ll be getting.